Food Yoga: whatever’s good for your soul, do it.

Food yoga complements one of my mantras: Whatever’s good for your soul, do it.

Eating is good for the body which is the home of our soul. Eating and food itself bring back childhood memories, create new and old connections, calms people down be it a sausage sandwich or just a chocolate chip cookie. So fuck it. I’m going to eat when and what I want to eat. No matter how often or seldom. Because this is my body and this is my soul. No unsolicited advice on my weight nor an annoying comment about my arms would stop me from doing what I want. But I am, however, not advocating overeating. This is just me finding out what brings me peace. Yes, I love to eat but I keep an active lifestyle that includes jogging, walking around campus for errands, lung exercises through smoking… I’m just kidding on that last bit, though. My body weight is currently on a yo-yo state right now and I’m okay with it. Certain parts of my body is and will get bigger, smaller, bigger, and smaller again and I’m okay with it. Because I and the rest of Earth’s population have problems bigger than my tummy to worry about.