How To Travel



Travel should not be an escape. It should be part of your life, no better or no worse than the rest of your life. If you are so dissatisfied with what you do or where you live that you spend weeks and months figuring out how to get a few days away from either, that should be a wake-up call. There’s a big difference between *wanting* a change in scenery and *needing* to run away from a prison of your own making.

To me, there is more to admire in someone who challenges their perspectives and lifestyle choices at home than in some Instagram addict who conflates meaning with checking off boxes on a bucket list.

[I’m a fan of bucket lists but you know what I mean]

So ask: Do you deserve this trip? Ask yourself that honestly. Am I actually in a place to get something out of this?

Over the years, I feel like I have mastered the art of something I wouldn’t call “travel.” I’d call it living my life in interesting places.




The career decisions that you make donʼt have to be forever. If you really want to work for a non-profit, travel around as a cook on a cruise ship or try your hand at online business, go for it. You donʼt need to follow the conventional life plan even if your parents are pressuring you to. Colleges will still be there in ten and 20 years should you decide to go back. What wonʼt be there in 10 years are the 10 years you wasted living somebody elseʼs dream. Whatever it is, if God has placed a passion in you for something, I promise your life will not be ruined by spending time on it.

I admit that Iʼm a bit of a hypocrite on this one. I have worked jobs that I loved in the past but Iʼm not in that place now. I am however, working towards the things that are important to me and I will get to the point where I can pursue them full-time.

How you live your first decade as an adult will shape your habits forever. If you commit to developing good habits in your 20s you will be far more successful for the rest of your life.


I think every 20-something needs to do some traveling. Immersing yourself in another culture and seeing that not everybody lives the way that we do changes people. It has the potential to broaden your view of the world and change the way you live your life at home. Other cultures have a lot to teach people young and old about values and priorities.

I especially recommend traveling to a developing country. It will change you. Nothing can make you thankful for the blessings in your own life the same way that meeting people who donʼt have enough food or water can. Itʼs one thing to see images on World Vision posters but itʼs another entirely to actually go to some of those places and meet people who have so little face to face. Itʼs an experience I wouldnʼt trade for anything.